Colorful offers up special edition single slot NVIDIA GTS 450

Shane McGlaun - Dec 14, 2010
Colorful offers up special edition single slot NVIDIA GTS 450

The NVIDIA GTS 450 video card has been around for a while now and most of the video cards are dual slot designs. That dual slot design is common today and for most of us, the card taking up two slots isn’t a big deal. If you are building up a slim PC with only a single slot inside that dual slot video card is a deal killer.

A company I have never heard of before called Colorful has offered up a new single slot NVIDIA GTS 450 video card that is really cool. I think the coolest design element on the card is one that you can’t see. The PCB that the video card uses has slots cut in it for cooling, most PCBs are solid. The single slot card is only 17mm thick making it slightly thicker than the iPhone 4.

The Chinese language translation of the press release is sketchy as most Google translations are. Apparently, those slots in the PCB allow for a 56% increase in cooling efficiency. The massive heatsink under the casing of the video card has tunnels through it to allow the fan to blow air across the copper base plate. The video card is in the design and testing stage at this time and the company is offering no indication of when the card might hit store shelves.

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