Color partners with Verizon for live streaming

How many times has social media app Color reinvented itself? We've lost count, but it seems to have found its newest suitor in the form of Verizon. Color and Verizon will be teaming up to install a version of the app on select Android LTE smartphones that would enable live-streaming of HD video while maintaining a local recorded copy. Verizon customers will also have access to an exclusive feature that will allow them to add sound to their recordings.

Color can stream video and then inform friends via Facebook when a user starts to broadcast, with the intention that events such as concerts can be shared live. The company also hopes to up the quality sent out over LTE by customizing the app to each specific smartphone on Verizon's network. On top of that, Color will add a feature in the future that will extract still frames from video to be shared.

Bill Nguyen, creator of Color, argues that writing apps to the OS level for the level of quality they're trying to achieve isn't good enough, and that they have to start tailoring the app specifically for each chipset in order to achieve the dream of high quality HD streaming video. Twitter integration is also going to be added, and Color has said that the current app will continue to see updates in the meantime.

[via Engadget]