Collusion Ban Ends - Now We Find Out What's Going To Happen With That 700MHz Spectrum

Verizon got most of C-Block and have admitted they intent to use it for their 4th generation LTE network, which will replace their 3G EV-DO Rev. A network. ATT has said that it will also be using most of the spectrum it acquired for an LTE network, but whereas Verizon is touting a full launch date of 2010, ATT is calling out 2012, however ATT also intends on upgrading their HSDPA network to 7.2Mbps to hold their customers over.

ATT is also getting some flak due to the fact that the entire spectrum they bought is "closed" however ATT is responding to these attacks saying that although their network won't be open, they are looking to work with some new, non-traditional vendors. Google has basically said that they never really cared whether or not they actually got spectrum, but the fact that they secured open access is what they were really after and they achieved that, but that they stuck with the bidding for 10 rounds.

Google is now saying that they plan on working with the FCC for open access on Block D before it is relisted, and they are going to try and free up the white space and that they'll monitor how the FCC manages the whole open-access thing. LTE is the biggest, if not the only, competitor to WiMAX, of which so far only one major carrier has chosen this technology, and that would be Sprint. Sadly Sprint's network keeps getting delayed even though more and more devices keep coming out for the network, I mean every other major announcement that came out of CTIA this week was something that didn't have WiMAX adding it or some new gadget whose major feature was WiMAX support, so Sprint needs to get their asses in gear.

[via PhoneMag]