Collective Aims To Create A 4D Digital Archive Of Kung Fu Moves

As with many things, Kung Fu traditions are in danger of fading away, and with them would go "an intangible cultural heritage", according to the City University of Hong Kong and International Guoshu Association. Fortunately, the digital world provides ample ways to make something live on — Kung Fu included — and that's where a new crowdfunding campaign comes in.

A collaboration between the two aforementioned entities has created a crowdfunded project on FringeBacker to fund The Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive, which would end up being the first cataloging of its kind. The archive would consist of "4D" analysis of Kung Fu moves.

This analysis will be performed with the aid of high-speed 3D video capture of Kung Fu sequences in HD. Using this data, a variety of information about the moves that aren't readily discernible will be gathered, including things like force and speed.

This archive will, ultimately, ensure that complex Kung Fu traditions and styles — often passed down "in a language crouched in esoteric terms" — will be preserved long after those who have mastered them have passed on; in the future, thanks to the archive, it would be possible for new masters to arise.

SOURCE: Geeking it Out