Colfax offers rackmount CXT8000 servers with up to 8 Tesla GPUs

For a lot of year the discrete GPU was looked at as something that was mostly only of use to gamers looking to extract all of the performance they could out of their video games. Over the last few years, NVIDIA and AMD both began to position their GPUs as processors for tasks traditionally handled by the CPU for higher performance. Colfax has unveiled a new rack mount server that takes the GPGPU and crams eight of the parts inside a single 4U server called the CXT8000.

The server has a 2-way Intel Xenon 5500 Nehalem processors and uses the Intel 5520 chip set. The server can support up to 144GB of DDR3 RAM and has room for up to eight of those NVIDIA Tesla GPUs I mentioned before.

Storage for the server is to a pair of internal 2.5-inch SATA drives with support for RAID 0, 1 and the power supply is a 1200W unit with a redundancy option. The actual video processing for the server is handled by an ASPEED AST2050 integrated VGA controller. As you can imagine with eight Tesla GPUs inside, the machine isn't cheap. Prices for the server start at $16,000.