Coffin case-mod could have more than Intel inside...

Erring on the morbid side of geeky, this coffin case-mod packs a full computer into a stylish split-lid casket.  Unfortunately it's not something you could use while inside, since the keyboard is mounted in a slide-out drawer, but with a little reworking it'd be ideal for the tech-savvy vampire looking to pass those pesky daylight hours, or even give you something to do should your relatives accidentally – and prematurely – bury you.


Of course, technology in coffins is nothing new.  The Victorians were all for rigging up bells and flags just in case they were buried alive, while in 1995 Tuscan watchmaker Fabrizio Caselli patented a safety coffin which, for $4,500, gets you a two-way intercom, flashlight, oxygen tank, defibrillator and an emergency connection to a monitoring station. 

One of those investments you hope you'll never see the return on, perhaps.

Case-mod photo via Vinod Live!