Coffee Joulies will keep your tongue from burning

I am not a coffee drinker, my wake up and get going drink is a nice can of Dr. Pepper. I know some people that simply can't function if they don't have their coffee in the morning. If you are one of these sorts that must have coffee to get going and you are too impatient to wait for your brew to cool Dave & Dave over on Kickstarter have a project that you need to help fund.

The project is called Coffee Joulies and they are larger than life stainless steel coffee beans. Inside the polished, shiny shell is some sort of secret non-toxic material. That material inside is a solid at room temperature. Once you drop a few of the Coffee Joulies into you cup of Joe that material starts to melt.

As it melts, it soaks up some of the heat from your drink making it a comfortable temperature faster. The coolest part is that while the shiny beans cool your drink down to start, once the solidify on the inside the absorbed heat is released back into your drink keeping the coffee warmer for longer. The makers claim these things will cool your coffee three times faster than normal and keep it warm twice as long. Win!

[via Kickstarter]