COD: WWII Thanksgiving double XP weekend has started a day early

If you're a Call of Duty: WWII owner, you can start reaping double experience points now and continue doing so though Monday, November 27. The double experience points weekend applies to all MP Modes, giving players a chance to rake in much more points than they otherwise would during these next few days. The 2XP kicked off at 1PM EST today.

Double experience points weekends are always welcomed, and may get those on the fence about the game to grab a copy now before Monday rolls around. Says Sledgehammer Games, you can get the double points until 10AM PST / 1PM EST on Monday. If you've had server issues with the title in recent days, the issues should be ironed out thanks to extra focus on the topic.

This weekend comes ahead of the game updates scheduled to happen next week. The next update will bring a bunch of big changes to the game, one being fixes for map exploits, as well as fixing issues with Party, tweaks that improve the UI, and optimizations to connectivity.

Some game improvements in general will also arrive, those based on user feedback. For example, says Sledgehammer Games, they're reducing the flinch reduction for Primed Basic Training, increasing the BAR recoil, solving the snaking exploit, and getting rid of a big bug involving the smoke grenade.

SOURCE: SledgeHammer Games