Cocoon smart monitor listens for shock waves to detect intruders

Another connected home security device has surfaced, this one designed to be both simplistic and highly sensitive to when a problem arrives. It achieves this sensitivity using what the makers call SUBSOUND technology, which is said to allow the device to detect motion in a different room, no other sensors needed. This is joined, as you'd expect, by a smartphone app that lets you peek through the Cocoon's integrated camera. If someone is poking around who isn't welcomed, there's an alarm that can be triggered, as well.

Cocoon works simply — place it in a room, connect it to your mobile, and it is good to go. The device learns over time who is and isn't supposed to be around, meaning the family cat won't set it off. This is accomplished in part with the related app, which lets the device know when someone is home. This is all contained into a unit about the size and shape of a tennis ball.

On the hardware level, the Cocoon features a wide-angle high-definition camera (unspecified megapixels) with night vision and a motion sensor. There's the SUBSOUND detector, a microphone, and speaker, which nicely complements the siren feature. Rounding it out is WiFi, an RGB LED, and temperature sensor.

The Cocoon is being funded through Indiegogo, where about $44,000 USD has been raised out of the $100,000 USD goal. A pledge of at least $249 USD will get you a single black Cocoon, of which about half of that discounted pledge rate has already been used up. At this point in the process, the makers say they already have prototypes up and running by testers.

SOURCE: Digital Trends