Coca-Cola to introduce new self-chilling bottles

When I'm drinking something, I want it to be cold. Once my drink starts to warm up, I tend to lose interest in it. Sure, you can put ice in it, but then it just gets watered down. Coca-Cola has an interesting new way to keep your drinks chilled.

Coca-Cola has developed a new type of bottle that chills the contents once the top is removed. This will eliminate the need to turn to ice cubes. Then again, I've never attempted to put ice cubes in a bottle before.

According to rumors Coca-Cola will be rolling these out with a new drink called Sprite Super Chilled. Once they've figured out if the concept is a hit, they will likely start using the bottles on other popular drinks.

New Self-Chilling Sprite Bottles From Coca-Cola [via ohgizmo]