Coca-Cola packaging can be reused into a Cardboard VR headset

If you still don't have your own bona fide virtual reality headset, don't fret too much. Your next trip to the supermarket might actually let you grab one. Or at least make one. You know that VR is going to be next big, or real, thing when something so unrelated as Coca-Cola is jumping on the hype. No, it doesn't have its own VR headset ala Mattel. At least not yet. But if you buy a box of Coke cans or bottles, you might have all that you need to build one yourself.

If you haven't guessed it yet, Coke's VR headset is based on the idea that Google started with its Cardboard platform. The basic notion of being able to make your own VR goggles from materials lying around or at least easily accessible has struck a chord in the hearts of many hobbyists. Of course, companies have taken that to make their own, ready made products like the new ViewMaster, but there's still something to be said about assembling your own.

Coca-Cola's proposal is both interesting and environment friendly. Coke packaging can be recycled into useful entertainment accessories long after they have served their purpose. It seems that the company is toying around with different variations of the idea. One lets you cut out and assemble the pieces yourself, which is the most tedious route. Another has a ready made box that can just be folded into a Cardboard headset no sweat.

Interestingly, only one of those prototypes seem to involve putting in lenses, which is more or less required to really have an authentic VR experience. Chances are, Coca-Cola will have specially marked boxes that have all the instructions and parts needed to make the headset. It's probably going to involve more work than a buying an off the shelf headset, but it's most likely going to be cheaper but, at the same time, easier than hunting around for Google Cardboard materials.

Sadly, this isn't yet a product ready to go out the market. It's still an experiment that may or may not see the light of day. It might also be an open invitation to Google to partner up with the beverage company, just like it did with Nestle and KitKat. Too bad Android is way past letter "C" now.