Coca-Cola has a new experimental hard seltzer, but you can't get it yet

Coca-Cola, the company best known for its non-alcoholic soda drinks, has announced intentions to enter the hard seltzer market with a new Topo Chico Hard Seltzer drink. As its name suggests, this new beverage will be alcoholic and will revolve around the Topo Chico sparkling mineral water commonly used to mix alcoholic drinks. Though the drink will be hitting the market this year, it won't be easy to get.READ: Coca-Cola Star Wars: Galaxy Edge's "detonator" bottles banned by TSA

The Coca-Cola Company announced its intentions to launch this product in a brief statement on Thursday, explaining that it will first launch the hard seltzer beverage in Latin America later on in 2020. 'Select cities' will offer the drink, but no specifics on this were provided.

It's unclear how much the product will cost and when it will be made available more broadly, particularly in other parts of the world. Coca-Cola says that it will provide additional details about its plan closer to the launch of the product. The company likewise shared an image of the hard seltzer, revealing a Lemon Lime flavor.

Topo Chico sells a large variety of water products, including bottled mineral water and lime-flavored mineral water. Coca-Cola's new product features the familiar Topo Chico logo, but we don't know much else at this time — Topo Chico hasn't released any announcements on its own website or social media accounts at this time.

Ultimately, though, this marks Coca-Cola's first foray into the hard seltzer market, one that has exploded in popularity as an alternative to traditional beer and sweetened mixed alcoholic beverages. Seltzer water as a whole is popular at the moment, particularly among brands like La Croix, offering a carbonated experience without the calories and/or sweeteners of traditional soda.