Coby Kyros Internet Tablet Features 7-inch Screen, $300 Price Tag

Evan Selleck - Nov 10, 2010
Coby Kyros Internet Tablet Features 7-inch Screen, $300 Price Tag

Another day, another tablet. This time around, it’s coming from Coby. The Kyros Internet tablet is a touchscreen device that’s running Android under the hood, and there’s a few features in the small package that may interest anyone out there who’s not wanting to go the mainstream route. Unfortunately, it’s not a powerhouse, so it won’t be winning any rewards any time soon for the speed it possesses.

The Coby Kyros Internet tablet has a 7-inch resistive touchscreen display, and the company has chosen to go with Android 2.1 for the Operating System. There’s an HDMI port, which will let you connect the tablet to your HD TV, if you so desired. You’ll be able to enjoy 1080p video, as well as your favorite music and photos. There’s a standard 4GB of memory, but you can expand that to up to 32GB of storage, with the right microSD card. As for the processor, it’s clocked in at 800MHz.

Coby decided to pre-install two applications: the Aldiko eReader, and AppsLib, which will give you access to the AppsLib applications marketplace. Interestingly enough, the Kyros was only available on the Home Shopping Network, and it doesn’t look like you can pick it up anywhere else at the moment. It’s believed that the tablet may show up in retail stores in the near future, but your best bet will be HSN. But, for $299.99, and the resistive touchscreen, there may be better options out there worth your attention.

[via ChipChick]

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