Coby Electronics set to unveil 3D-Audio Sound Bar at CES

I like surround sound as much as the next home theater fan, but the shape of my living room makes it pretty much impossible to have speakers in the back of the room without having them installed in the ceiling. The ceiling isn't a great option either since my house is two story. That leaves me with a 2.1 setup that isn't exactly what I want.

Coby Electronics is set to reveal a new 3D-Audio sound bar at CES 2010 that might be perfect for people in my situation. The sound bar uses 3D audio technology. The idea behind the technology is that the sound produced appears to be coming from everywhere in the room rather than only in front of you or from individual speakers.

I can't say that I have ever heard 3D home theater sound before, but the thought is intriguing to me. Coby Electronics is bringing the technology to market along with sonic emotion. Considering that the sound bar is a Coby branded product, it should be low cost as well.