Cobra's Bright Idea - Pepper-Spray Torch

Gear Diary's Judie must have some of the best protected gadgets around, having got her (hopefully not too trigger-happy) hands on the Cobra StunLight – a triple-LED high-intensity torch with built in laser and pepper spray.  This $249 self-defence gadget is designed to first scare and then temporarily blind any assailant, such as one attempting to steal your smartphone.

Because the company knows that a) people need practise and b) people will desperately want to try it out, they package it with both real pepper-spray and a pressurised water cartridge; that way you can have a go at aiming.  The flip-guard and big red button are nice touches, although Judie found that the claimed 20 foot range was accurate only as long as you wanted to pepper-spray your attacker's feet.

The Cobra StunLight Review [Gear Diary]