Cobra Phone Tag debuts at CTIA

I always know where I leave my phone, the problem is that the wife and kids pick it up on occasion to play games or to just really irritate me and leave it laying somewhere else. If you have people that like to hide your stuff or if you just tend to have a hard time finding your Android device or Blackberry, Cobra has a new product for you it is showing off at CTIA.

The product is called the Cobra Tag and it is designed to connect to anything you want like your keys or purse and then interfaces with your Android phone or Blackberry using Bluetooth. The device has two functions. You can activate the alarm on your smartphone from the Cobra Tag on your key ring if you lose your phone. You can also activate the Cobra Tag's integrated alarm using the app if you leave your keys somewhere and you can't find them.

The device will also alarm if the phone or keys are separated from each other. The GPS coordinates and time of the separation are recorded and texted or emailed to a set contact list. The Cobra Tag will launch in July and the app will hit the Android Market at the same time at no cost.

[via Android Community]