Cobra outs PhoneLynx for Android at CTIA

Late last year I mentioned the new Cobra PhoneLynx device that lets you use those handsets you have in your home with your mobile phone. Cobra has announced at CTIA a new version of PhoneLynx that is just for Android users. The system is a hardware/software combo with a free Android app on the Android Market.

The idea is that people that use a mobile phone exclusively can still use the phone lines in their home and any handsets they may already have. The device uses Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone and allows the handsets in the house to be used like hands free devices to use your smartphone. The system supports voice dialing of any number on the Android device's phonebook.

The PhoneLynx will light a message button on a handset when you get a voice mail and it supports speed dial. It also supports an alarm clock mode that will make all the handsets in the house ring at the same time. The Bluetooth hardware also lets you put your phone in the part of your house with good reception and still use it wherever you want to go in the home. The Android version of PhoneLynx will land on May 1 for $59.99.

[via Android Community]