joins Twitter's Growth and International team

Twitter has acquired yet another company, this time buying out The deal was announced today, with the team saying that they will be joining Twitter's Growth and International team. They also say that they're starting work at Twitter immediately, so it seems that Twitter is wasting no time in taking advantage of the team's talents. offered A/B testing to iOS and Android developers, and also offered Clutch Framework, which helps developers build apps. "Offered" is the operative word there, as won't be supporting these apps much longer – Twitter is shutting down the company's A/B testing and Framework app. says in a blog post that it will continue supporting these services until November 1, and in the coming weeks, the company will be providing resources that will allow developers to run these programs on their own servers.

So, Clutch's current services won't be going away entirely, they just won't be supported or hosted on servers anymore. In anticipation of this "shut down" of sorts, has stopped accepting new customers, so if you were ready to jump in and see what had to offer, we're sorry to say you're out of luck.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, and we're not sure what exactly the team will be doing at Twitter. This has to be a pretty exciting time for however, as it's still a very young company, so to have its worth recognized so quickly is undoubtedly leaving a smile on a few faces today. Be sure to check out our story timeline below for more posts on Twitter's recent happenings!