Clubhouse for Android teased, possibly coming next month

Clubhouse has become the new darling of the social media world. Naturally, that has made it the target of acquisition rumors, hacking attempts, and scandals. All of that while the audio-centric social network is still limited to an invite-only membership system and only on iPhones. Android users are still waiting for their chance to find out what the fuss is all about and, if recent tweets are any indication, that wait might soon be coming to an end.

It's really not that unusual for new and budding apps and services to first test the waters over at Apple's side of the landscape first for one reason or another. Android users might not like it but that has been true for years and it's unlikely to change. Fortunately, certain apps, like social networking ones, need to be ubiquitous to really succeed so Clubhouse can't really afford to ignore Google's mobile platform for too long.

Clubhouse did confirm that an Android port would be coming and that it would be a major priority. That said, the company might have been busy trying to stabilize and secure the platform in light of the popularity it now enjoys. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much word on that endeavor since then, at least until now.

Clubhouse's Android developer Mopewa just teased on Twitter the signs of Clubhouse working on Android. Or at least "sent from my Pixel". More interestingly, developer Morgan Evetts revealed that development has been happening for around six weeks now and that the Clubhouse Android app might be due sometime in May.

Clubhouse's expansion to Android and, soon, general availability is critical to the young social network's future during this period. Rivals from bigger and better-funded companies like Facebook and Twitter are starting to pop up left and right, forcing Clubhouse to increase its pace to stay ahead of the game.