Clubhouse for Android is going global

Audio-only social media platform Clubhouse has been at the center of attention of the Internet since last year. While it enjoys a certain level of popularity, the network itself has been very limited in who it is able to reach. Clubhouse opened its doors to a few Android users last week but, in contrast to its pace in the past months, it is quickly expanding the app's availability to everyone in the world. That is, presuming you already have an invitation to join the still exclusive club.

Clubhouse's popularity may have been thanks to perfect timing. It arrived just when people were experiencing what has been labeled as "Zoom fatigue" and offered a touch of human interaction that goes beyond text messages. It exploded on the social media scene despite being limited in reach, a situation that the likes of Facebook and Twitter definitely took note of.

The social network has also been exclusive to iOS devices since the start but an Android app was has been promised since last year. Signs of this app's existence showed up last month and Clubhouse officially announced its beta last week, albeit with some major limitations.

One of those limitations will be taken off these coming days, Clubhouse reveals on Twitter. On Tuesday, it will open the doors to users in Japan, Brazil, and Russia, to be followed by Nigeria and India on Friday morning. By Friday, it expects the Android app to be available for download worldwide.

You still need to be invited to hop onto the network, though, even if you already have the app. Despite this quick but long overdue expansion, Clubhouse still wants to maintain what it calls "measured growth" and is intentionally limiting access to its network, at least for now.