Clubhouse adds spatial audio support, but there's one big limitation

The audio-based social media platform Clubhouse has announced new spatial audio support, providing users with a more immersive environment where participants hear others around them in a realistic way. The new feature is a welcomed addition that will work with just about any pair of headphones you own, but there's one major limitation.

Clubhouse is the 'social audio app,' one that provides a space for many individuals to gather together and talk rather than text. The app, though still relatively new, has proven immensely popular among users, spurring the creation of clones from certain other big social media companies.

Given the nature of Clubhouse interactions, it's no surprise the company has added spatial audio to its platform. This feature provides a 360-degree sound space around the listener's head; audio, such as other people talking, is reproduced in such a way that the listener can perceive their location within that virtual environment.

As with other spatial audio products, you must wear headphones to utilize the feature — and that's where the limitation comes in. Though just about any headphones will work, technical limitations will prevent you from hearing the spatial effect while talking if you use Bluetooth headphones, the company told Engadget.

This means that once the feature arrives on iOS (Android users will get access a bit later than iPhone users), you'll need to plug in your old wired Lightning earbuds or connect your favorite over-ears headset to get the enhanced audio experience if you want to bypass the limitation, though this may change in the future.