CloudTalk - Integrated Multimedia Messaging

CloudTalk is a new application that integrates all kinds of messaging into a unified platform. Honestly, my first thought was that this is attempting to solve a problem that nobody has. There are so many ways to send text, video, pictures, or audio files across devices that it's not even funny. That said, it seems like it's actually a sweet little app and I'm impressed with the slick UI as well as the ability to create "Communities" on the fly, which works like a group in facebook or like google wave.

They have versions of the software available on iOS, Android, and through a web browser interface. The browser interface is currently in a beta stage. I've tested it in Firefox 4 as well as Chrome and it seems to work swimmingly in both. They need to add some functionality for the web interface to be truly useful, specifically an ability to take and post webcam videos on-the-fly. And currently the upload feature seems to be broken. I am only able to sign up for the service and check it out through the PC interface because my iPhone is busted.

Anyway, from what I can tell. They have everything right. The interface is comfortable and intuitive and the software ran quickly. They might be onto something here. It'll depend on if they can get this to catch on through the gauntlet of Facebooking and tweet-API craziness out there in the market. PCMag has a more detailed look at it, so if you think this app might have some promise for you and your circle, check it out.

Or just jump right in, it's a free download.

[via PCMag]