CloudReady update dual boots Windows and Chrome OS

Shane McGlaun - Feb 19, 2016, 5:15 am CDT
CloudReady update dual boots Windows and Chrome OS

CloudReady has been around for a while now and over 75,000 computer users have installed the software on their machines. The software supports Mac and Windows devices and has always promised a different mobile computing experience. A new update is available that adds in a feature that people on the fence between trying Chrome OS/Chromium and sticking with Windows will appreciate.

CloudReady now supports dual booting Chrome/Chromium and Windows. This is a good thing because Chrome OS devices are often bulletproof and operate very quickly for doing anything web based. The catch with Chrome comes in the fact that you can’t install programs on the machine as you can with Windows. In a situation where you need software that is only available for Windows, you just boot into Windows and you are good.

“The cost of embracing new technologies has been too high for too long,” said Neverware President Andrew Bauer. “We want to remove the limit of just one operating system, so that the power of two platforms can be available to organizations and consumers without buying multiple devices.”

The new dual boot feature will make it easier for people who aren’t sure about Chrome OS to try it. People who can benefit particularly from dual booting are schools. The dual boot feature preserves the data on the host machine when Chrome/Chromium is installed and gives the option of using either OS each time the machine is booted.

“Dual-boot CloudReady will let us get better use from even our newest computer labs,” said Mike Roberts, Technology Director for Quinlan Independent School District in Texas. “It will give users the faster response and ease of use of a Chrome lab for most daily work, but the ability to reboot into Windows for heavier workloads like graphics or programming.”

SOURCE: Android Community

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