CloudOn's Office for iPad app to get group collaboration tools

Known for bringing Microsoft Office to the iPad, startup CloudOn has just closed a $16 million round of funding and is teasing much bigger plans ahead. The company revealed that it wants to re-imagine the way productivity works in the mobile age. Besides expanding globally with the new funding, it wants to develop new group collaboration tools and integrate the different major productivity platforms from Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

CloudOn CEO Milind Gadekar says that the company's future is about "redefining productivity." The company wants to do more than to simply bring Office to the iPad. Especially since Microsoft is rumored to be launching their own version of Office on the iPad soon. Instead, Gadekar wants to change the experience so that users not only can access the files but can interact with the information within the files.

CloudOn plans to build its own features on top of Office that will allow for more group collaboration. Multiple people will be able to access the same document, share information, and track conversations around that information. Gadekar also sees this functionality to be cross-platform, where users can choose to work with their favorite services, instead of being locked into one ecosystem. CloudOn already integrates Adobe, Dropbox, Box, and Google, but is planning further integration of other services in the future.

[via Cult of Mac]