CloudBook Vs. Zonbu Zonbook - the battle of the Everex notebooks

So Henry Kingman got his hands on both an Everex CloudBook and a Zonbu Zonbook and pitted them against each other. First, let's give a quick run down of their similarities, they are both made by Everex, they both run Linux, and they both run it on Via C7-M processors, that's pretty much where it ends.

They both run slightly different versions of Linux, obviously the CloudBook runs gOS, the ZonBook runs its own custom version of Linux that does a lot of maintenance tasks on its own. For example it updates the OS in the background and backs up the users files to an online server in the background.

The reviewer was a fairly proficient Linux user and almost had to admit that the Zonbu notebook's Linux install worked better than any of his installations. The CloudBook on the other hand was fun due to the challenges the OS gave him, so, if you are a true user or fan of Linux, the CloudBook is probably the one for you, on the other hand, since they are both priced pretty close to the same, if you are a normal user and just want a cheap, easy to use notebook the ZonBook is probably more your speed.

[via LinuxDevices]