Cloud lamp brings a thunderstorm to your living room

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 11, 2014, 8:37 pm CDT
Cloud lamp brings a thunderstorm to your living room

With the exception of astraphobes, the sound of rain and thunder can be relaxing — a nice time to spend an afternoon indoors reading or a way to fall asleep quickly. If mere sounds aren’t quite up to par for you, one artist has a solution: Cloud, a thunder cloud-shaped lamp.

Cloud was designed by New Zealand’s Richard Clarkson, who made a lamp with fluffy material for the cloud and lights within to create the lightning. With the addition of an Arduino microcontroller, the Cloud has a motion sensor to allow it to react to motion.

The color and light will adjust automatically, but can also be switched to different modes that make it more of a Bluetooth music speaker and less of a thunderous cloud. Cloud can also double as a nightlight, for those who are inclined.

Cloud comes in different pricing flavors, all that will make you seriously question your fondness for storms. To get the version decked out with 2.1 speakers, a remote, and more, you’ll be shelling out $3,360 USD. If you only want the Cloud to work as a lamp, you’ll pay $960 USD.

SOURCE: Gizmag

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