ClipDrop AR Copy Paste is now available for a price

We now live in a world that revolves around digital objects but we still naturally have to deal with physical ones. Bridging the two have never been easy nor seamless but a lot of technologies, like augmented reality or AR, try to narrow the gap. But while AR brings digital objects to the real world to some extent, a new app goes the opposite direction and lets you clip and drop real-world objects into your digital canvas.

We came across the origins of this new ClipDrop app, formerly AR Copy Paste, back in May when it was just a prototype. The idea was that you could take a photo of a real-world object using your phone and, without having to go through hoops, simply take the phone close to your computer and have the object instantly pasted on, for example, Photoshop, without the unnecessary background.

ClipDrop offers this exact same feature but with some additional new features. It can, for example, simply clip an image from the Internet or from your desktop and automatically remove the object's "background". It does the same thing for text, letting you copy text from an image as if it were just simple, typed text.

The AR part may have been AR Copy Paste's selling feature but ClipDrop focuses more on the vision AI that extracts the object or text from the rest of an image. None of these, however, happens on your device and the AI processing happens at a remote server. The developers promise that images are anonymized and faces and text are removed. Additionally, paying full access users don't have their photos stored at all.

As probably hinted, ClipDrop does require a subscription fee, one that costs $79.99 a year, or $39.99 for a promotional period that lasts only until November 20. This is a tool that will undoubtedly interest many digital creatives but the price tag, even with the discount, will most likely have them preferring the manual route of copying and pasting instead.