Clik makes your smartphone an awesome remote control

It's one part smartphone, one part Youtube, one part QR codes, and nine parts pure ingenuity. A new app called Clik allows users to seamlessly use their phone to control Youtube videos on a computer or bigger screen. Several people can even join in, making it possible to turn Youtube into an even more social experience. And the video sharing site is just the first step for this brand new mobile project. In the future, Clik hopes to become a ubiquitous way to connect between smartphones and other devices.

Here's how it works. After you download the Clik app, you brows through Youtube videos on your phone. Once you've found one you like, turn your attention to the big screen you want to play it on, scan a QR code, and you're good to go. This app is from the same team that created Kik, an instant messaging app that was so intuitive and user-friendly it has managed to sign up more than 6 million users in a world where most people already have some other IM handle they're more used to.

Of course, QR codes are still a nascent technology, and could ultimately be replaced with something less cumbersome before they're able to make a truly significant splash. In addition, there isn't one universal standard when it comes to QR printers and readers. But without getting too far beyond the point of this story, Clik shows that it's possible for integration between devices without a middleman – no Apple TV, no set-top box, no wires, etc. The app is available now.

via Guardian]