ClickFree One-Click Backup

James Allan Brady - Feb 19, 2008

There is, as usual, a catch that is that it only works with Windows for now. However, on the upside, it really is a one-click backup, as in you don’t have to install any software or setup anything, you attach this device and it starts backing up files instantly.

It says it’s for multiple PCs, but that must be because it doesn’t backup everything. Even if I excluded audio and video files, the 120GB of storage that comes in this thing would only just be enough to backup the 3 computers that I have. That’s just saving settings, all other documents, system state, and software that are installed.

It does look pretty sleek, and as long as the software that apparently runs off of the drive itself knows to skip over audio and video files, it could be quite handy, and if its bus powered it would be perfect for when you were traveling, because I don’t know about you, but on my laptop I don’t have near the stuff I do on my desktops. So, it could be perfect for backup of a notebook or other portable computer, but maybe not so much for a desktop. Lastly, the $170 price for a 120GB drive isn’t all that great considering you can get a 250GB WD Passport drive for just under $160 right now.

[via Ubergizmo]

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