Clickfree C3 Wireless Makes Backup Indecently Simple

Clickfree's latest super-simple backup system has gone on sale, and this time the company is cutting the cord. The Clickfree C3 Wireless is a 500GB drive paired with a WiFi connection, similar to what we've seen from Apple's Time Capsule; the difference, however, is in how straightforward the C3's new BackupLink setup is.

Basically, all you need do is plug the C3 Wireless into your PC or Mac via its USB port, allow it to perform the first backup, and then unplug it. Left quietly turned on (and hooked up wirelessly to your router) the C3 will automatically backup any changes every hour. Multiple computers can be registered and backed-up in this way, as long as they're all using the same wireless network.

That means no software to install on the computer itself, and very little in the way of technical knowledge required. Restoring from a backup is also meant to be straightforward, as is browsing the C3 and picking out individual files, and it can be used to share music as well as automatically send photos to Facebook galleries or via email.

In fact the only thing we'd like to see is a bigger hard-drive; 500GB doesn't seem like much for backing-up multiple computers. The Clickfree C3 Wireless is available now, priced at $179.99.