Clickfree C2 backup drives get scheduling, hardware encryption, more

We've a soft spot for Clickfree's straightforward backup drives, ever since playing with some of the early hardware back in March and discovering it was simple enough even to get a lazy SlashGear editor (i.e. me) to regularly backup.  Now Clickfree are back with their next-gen drives, the C2 series.  As well as basic usability improvements – there's now an attached USB cable that tucks away in a cut-out on the back, meaning forgetting the cord is no longer a valid excuse – the Clickfree C2 also adds in some more advanced functionality.

That includes data migration tools, including a one-click transfer of files from, say, Windows Vista to Windows 7, or from OS X (10.5 onwards) to a PC or vice-versa.  It's also possible to schedule backups; previous Clickfree drives automatically started the backup process when you initially plugged them in, but the C2 can be set to do that at regular occasions.  The company will even sell you a docking station which makes semi-permanent connections more streamlined.

Data on the drive itself is easier to deal with, too, with a new attachments category that collates email attachments, the ability to burn files direct from the C2 to a CD/DVD (obviously your host system will need an optical drive) and media imports from iPods and iPhones.  There's also 256-bit encryption with hardware acceleration so that it doesn't slow down backups or future file access.

250GB and 500GB C2 versions (in black or white) are available now, priced at $139.99 and $189.99 respectively; a 320GB version will hit QVC on October 28th, priced at $159.99.  The optional dock is $20.

Press Release:

Clickfree Redefines Consumer Backup Again with the Launch of C2

Clickfree continues to innovate and deliver the ultimate backup experience

TORONTO – Oct. 13, 2009 – Clickfree, the inventors of effortless backup, today announced the launch of C2, its new flagship portable hard drive. With C2, Clickfree once again redefines consumer backup by bringing together an amazing set of features that have never before been available in a single backup product. Without adding complexity to Clickfree's signature approach to effortless backup, consumers will now be able to automatically import music from iPods and iPhones, burn backed up files to CDs and DVDs, extract and organize all email attachments and protect files with encryption. All these new features in a beautiful high-gloss unit with a built-in USB cable makes it the most portable drive on the market.

New product features include:

• Redesigned Interface: Clickfree has reworked automatic backup and restore into an even simpler process, designed so that even the least technically savvy will be totally comfortable backing up their computer. Included in the many new features is a search page that shows a summary of new and changed files as it finds them.

• Built-in USB Cable: Snapping securely into place, there's no cable to lose and no tangled mess in a briefcase. The ultimate convenience for quickly sharing content, just plug the C2 into any computer to simply view and share files from the C2. There's even an optional docking station available to keep desks tidy.

• iPod Music and Playlist Import: Clickfree has included this great feature from its popular Transformer for iPod. When C2 is connected, users will be able to plug any iPod or iPhone into another USB port on the computer and the C2 will import music and playlists from the device right into iTunes.

• Migration: Clickfree is the only backup solution for simple, hassle free migration between computers or when upgrading operating systems. With the launch of Windows 7, many people will need a simple and efficient way to transfer files. Clickfree's intuitive software will transfer your files to exactly where they need to be – even if it's a new computer with a new operating system and the file structure has changed. This means applications will find digital content without additional confusing work.

• Encryption: C2 customers can be confident their data is secured with powerful encryption technology by simply entering a password. The C2 uses 256-bit hardware-based encryption – a very high grade of security to ensure that no one will be able to access data files without the password. By using a hardware-based solution – a chip inside the hard drive itself – the C2 handles all of this without slowing down the computer or backup.

• Use it for Backup or Storage: Free space on the C2 drive can be used as portable storage, just like any other external hard drive.

• DVD burning capability: Customers wanting to create an additional DVD backup for another location like a safety deposit box can now do so easily with the built in DVD backup solution included in the C2. It is ideal for users who want the added comfort of having an additional snapshot of their files without having to install or learn complex archiving software. Clickfree recommends two backups for the ultimate data protection, and makes both effortless.

• Sharing: Easily share photos and other digital media. With the software built right-in, users can simply plug the drive into any computer to view or transfer photos quickly and easily. From the rich photo viewer, users can see their photos. And with built-in software tools, they can effortlessly set these photos as wallpaper, print, email, or share onto facebook or myspace.

• Scheduled backup: Leave the C2 plugged in, and it will continue to backup all day.

"We already had a great backup solution that had superior user-friendly features; we wanted to go beyond that. We listened to the needs of our consumers and added features that would add to the Clickfree ultimate backup experience without straying from our core simplicity. With C2 we found a way to enhance our award winning back-up technology while preserving our heritage of super simple backup," said Bryan McLeod, Clickfree CEO. "It's still as simple as connecting your C2 to a computer and watching as the technology starts itself without any installation or setup. We continue to stand above our completion in terms of features combined with simplicity – this is why our highly rated Clickfree solutions continue to win over consumers — by making computer backup effortless."

After being connected to a computer, Clickfree technology shows a simple countdown then proceeds to search, organize, and copy precious data onto the C2 backup drive. Files are organized into categories: photos, videos and email attachments – and each category can be individually viewed to confirm the backup is complete.

For those who would like to dig a little deeper, Clickfree provides an option to configure the backup. Simply connect the USB cable and let C2 automatically begin or easily select what to back up by choosing Options. The simple interface allows consumers to determine which content they would like saved. Like other Clickfree products, the Clickfree C2 can easily backup multiple computers, with each backup identified clearly by computer name within the Clickfree software.

Available in a high gloss black or white finish, the Clickfree C2 comes in 250GB and 500GB storage capacity and retails for $139.99 and $189.99 respectively. An optional dock is sold separately for quick and tidy computer connection. A 320GB capacity drive will be available exclusively through QVC for 30 days starting October 28, 2009 and will sell for $159.99.

Automatic Clickfree products can be found at and leading retail outlets such as Brandsmart,, OfficeMax, hhgregg, Bernies, CDW, QVC, Kmart, Electronic Express as well as many other local and online retailers.

About Clickfree

Storage Appliance Corporation, operating under the Clickfree(TM) brand makes technology easy for consumers. As the inventor of effortless consumer backup, the Clickfree(TM) software makes backing up a PC or Mac as easy as plugging it in to the USB port — no software to install or configure. Recognized as the market leader in consumer backup, Clickfree has received numerous awards from CNET(TM), PCMag(TM), and Laptop(TM) magazine. Clickfree's software is not just easier – it's smarter. With 23 patents pending, this exclusive technology is only available to Clickfree(TM) customers. Visit for additional information.