Click: a watchband adapter for the Apple Watch

With the forthcoming Apple Watch, Apple has put an incredible amount of effort into making sure the device can be customized to meet any user's taste through a number of watchband styles, each in a wide range of colors. But what if you already have a watchband that you just adore, and would rather pair that with your new Apple wearable? This is where Click aims to fit in, as an adapter that will allow any 24mm watchband to slide into the Apple Watch's custom locking band slots.

As of now Click is still in the prototype stage, with the existing adapters seen in photos being 3D printed, as well as using the pin that comes with existing watchbands. The creators say they will be launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Click in the next two weeks, with a goal of raising enough to begin production.

However, Apple may put an end to Click before it even goes on sale, as the company was presumably responsible for shutting down another strap adapter crowdfunding campaign earlier this year. Apple has a lot riding on the Apple Watch succeeding as a fashion accessory and not just a gadget, meaning they have a very specific idea of design aesthetic they want presented with the device.

This stance could surely change shortly after the Apple Watch's release, because if Apple wants users to feel the device can fit in with their personal taste in style, there's no better way than with individual customization. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch for Apple to release watchband design guidelines that would need to be met, similar to how cases and earphones must meet requirements to get the "designed for iPhone" seal of approval.

VIA MacRumors