Cleer Ally truly wireless earbuds promise 10 hours of playback

JC Torres - May 21, 2019, 8:11 pm CDT
Cleer Ally truly wireless earbuds promise 10 hours of playback

Thanks in part to Apple pushing its AirPods onto the smartphone market, the in-ear Bluetooth earbuds industry has gotten some attention and improvements. From truly wireless designs to touch-sensitive surface, these audio accessories have greatly improved in all but one aspect: battery life. Considering their size and the technology they use, it’s not surprising that they could last only a few hours at most. That’s where Cleer’s new Ally earbuds try to break the mold with 10 hours of playback that could get you through your work day with no problem at all.

Most Bluetooth earbuds last only five hours, sometimes six. That’s why the trend these days is to make their cases double as portable chargers as well. The Cleer Ally also has one but with 10 hours of playback, you might not need to until at the end of the day.

That’s not its only selling factor, of course. Cleer boasts that its “design-first sensibility” has produce earbuds that comfortably nestle inside your ear, with Freebit wings that keep them in place no matter how much you run or jump.

The earbuds also have an external touchpad for playback control but you don’t always have to use it just to pause. Simply take them out of your ears and Ally will automatically pause. It will also automatically resume when you put them back in. No one side is dominant so you can conveniently make calls on either side.

The Cleer Ally Truly Wireless Earbuds come in a case designed like a jewel box. This case offers an additional 20 hours of playback for the buds. The pair are available on Cleer’s website and on Amazon for $149.99 and come in metallic red and metallic gray colors.

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