Clearwire WiMAX to be called "Clear" rather than Xohm

Clearwire announced today that they will be calling their WiMAX network "Clear." This comes after the recently finished deal with Sprint for WiMAX. In fact, the Clear moniker will be used in place of Sprint's Xohm branding.

The deal was worth about $14.5 billion and made it so Clear will replace Xohm on Clearwire's segment of the WiMAX network. This is instead of a joint name. However, Clearwire doesn't seem to be connected to WiMAX for 4G. In fact, future tech may very well be switched over to the LTE standard, if need be.

In 2010, many other carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon will be using LTE, so it would make sense for Clearwire to make the switch as well if that is where the market goes. However, both Intel and Sprint might run into trouble in the future as they are betting their game on WiMAX.