Clear Sony Alpha DSLR gets felt up, still not likely to see production

I have never been a big fan of Sony gear for many different reasons. I think the stuff tends to be overpriced compared to similar gear from competitors and often to be honest the stuff is just a bit boring. Sony unveiled a cool DSLR last month that had a clear case that let you see all the cool innards of the camera. That thing is the coolest product I have ever seen from Sony and the only product I have ever really wanted from the company other than the PS3.

We offered up a few pics of the clear DSLR when it first turned up and now the geeks over at Pocket-lint had taken hoards of new shots of the camera and had a bit of hands on time with the thing. The clear concept is a demo device for an unreleased midrange DSLR that is expected to hit shops this year. Sadly, Sony tells Pocket-lint that the clear case is unlikely to make it to production.

The camera will carry the Alpha name as expected and will use the translucent mirror tech that debuted last year. The sensor inside the new camera will be an APS HD CMOS that is newly developed and it will have a fast continuous autofocus feature as well. Apparently, the reason for the clear case on the demo DSLR was just because Sony wanted to prove it could build the thing. Unless it actually comes in that clear case I will stick with my Nikon. Lots more pics at the source below.

[via Pocket-lint]