Clear Sky's suite of workout apps a first for HealthKit

The aim of Apple's HealthKit is to bring disparate health apps together under one umbrella, and allow them to communicate info to your Health app. Clear Sky is embracing that fully, and is including their own suite of apps into HealthKit. If you're serious about getting fit, and using HealthKit to do so, we've got some apps you might want to check out.

Some of their apps are for straight-up beginners. Couch to 5K is pretty self-explanatory, and gets you from being a couch potato to prepped for a 5K run. Others like Situps to 200 or Pushups 0 to 100 are equally simple at first, but escalate in difficulty as you work your way through them.

For the more dedicated fitness group, there are 5K Forever and 10K Forever, along with extreme versions of Clear Sky's situp and pushup apps.

The goal in linking theĀ apps together via HealthKit is to provide a "holistic workout strategy". The suite of apps are also the first to be compatible with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iOS 8, and HealthKit, according to Clear Sky.

Using HealthKit and the apps that work with the platform, it's possible to get better insight on your overall wellbeing, and a workout regiment is part of that. From those just starting on the path to a healthier self to others who want to push their limits further, Clear Sky and HealthKit can provide a strong cornerstone for your effort.