Clear prison cell TV on Etsy

I have never been to jail before much less to prison so all I know about jail comes from TV. I had no idea that prisoners could have TVs in their cells like the one you see in the images below. For a short while back in the mid 80's I remember all sorts of clear items on the market. In fact, I had this old push button telephone in my room that was clear and had brightly colored parts inside that you could see. I though that was the most awesome phone ever.

Apparently, in prison clear stuff isn't for the cool look at the parts style that the 80's offered, but for the you can't hide shivs and dope practical reality of prison. Check out the cool TV that has turned up on Etsy for instance. Apparently, the little clear cased 13-inch set is from Juillet Prison in Illinois. RCA made the TV specifically for the prison industry so the guards could see that no contraband was being stashed inside.

It's a 13-inch screen CRT set so no flat panel action. If you have an 80's themed room in your home with one of those clear phones this is the thing you need. The model of the TV is S13801CL and it has an earphone jack in the front and cable or antenna hook up on the back. If you want the clear TV there is only one available for $95 and shipping to your location will cost you about $26 more.

[via Etsy]