Clear Harmony Headphones – Just Sound, No Noises

Ewdison Then - Jan 15, 2007
Clear Harmony Headphones – Just Sound, No Noises

I’ve always carry my Bose TriPort headphones every time I travel, it’s my favorite headphones. While I was in CES, i stopped by Able Planet‘s booth and i test drive their Clear Harmony headphones. Hearing is believing, i could only hear the music; the loud noises of people talking were drowned out by the noise canceling. My Bose TriPort does the same job but not as well as the Clear Harmony in term of blocking external noises from my ear.

Clear Harmony headphones also reduce distortion at higher volumes by soft-clipping the sound wave rather than squaring it off, deliver a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz for a full-bodied listening experience, and provide an industry-leading 18 decibels of active noise cancellation to reduce unwanted background noise ranging from jet engines to overhead lights.

The Clear Harmony Headphones will retail at $299.99.

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