CLEAR 4G WiFi home router hits FCC

A new CLEAR modem with 4G and WiFi has been spotted passing through the FCC, promising home or office high-speed wireless connectivity without a cable or DSL internet connection.  Unlike the existing CLEAR mobile hotspots – such as the SPOT duo or the Rover Puck – the new Clear Modem with WiFi lacks a battery for portable use.

Instead it has a single ethernet port – for hooking up a wired computer – and WiFi to share out the 4G as you would with a regular wireless router.  There's no indication of how many concurrent users can be wirelessly connected at any one time; the Rover Puck, for instance, can support eight, though of course a home router can handle many more than that.

No word from CLEAR as to when the new 4G WiFi router will arrive, nor what sort of price it will command.  The company currently sells two domestic/office WiMAX modems, each at $84.99, and enabling a single ethernet-connected computer to get online.

[via Wireless Goodness]