Classic White MacBook axed entirely

Say farewell to your beloved all-white MacBook, lovers of the early 2000s, because now in addition to stoppering the white MacBook from their consumer lineup, Apple has cut off shipments to educational institutions as well. This means it's quite likely that the supply of these devices has been drained, Apple's manufacturers having stopped putting these machines together some time ago. Those of you with the latest batch of MacBooks without the "Pro" or the "Air" name attached, you hold on your lap or desk the last of a now halted breed!

What this means for the rest of the users out there looking to buy an Apple computer in the near future is this: MacBook may be coming back as a basic name for the low end of high. Your MacBook Pro lineup in smaller sizes very well could be the MacBooks of tomorrow while the MacBook Air keeps its lofty name. Or the opposite could be true: perhaps the "Air" moniker will float away with the White plastic of yesterday and yesteryear.

Either way, the stock is up, Apple no longer has MacBooks in plastic available to anyone officially, not even educational institutions, the last group whose name brought them the ability to continue accessing the line long after Apple stores cut them from the showroom. Now the status symbol war can continue with the white MacBook looking outdated entirely and the metal glory of the Pro and Air models looking like the only choice for the hipster elite. Watch out, collectors, you're next!

[via MacRumors]