Clark Griswold has nothing on the Faucher's Christmas light show

I like to put lights outside for Christmas, mostly I stick to a few strands in the bushes and a string or two on the house. Some folks really go all out. There is a house not far from us with lights that are synced to music that is pretty cool. Even that display has nothing on the Faucher family from Delaware.

These folks have a Christmas light show on their house that Clark Griswold would be proud to call his own. In fact, the light show looks like something Sparky would have crafted himself. I hate to think how long these people spend setting this up and tracking down whey all the strands won't work.

The shocking part about this light show isn't how cool it is or how long it would take to set up. The shocking part is how much power the show sucks down and how much it costs to run. HouseLogic reports that the 1 million lights used cost about $686 an hour to run and over the month of Christmas the total bill would run $82,230. You can buy a decent house for that price in my area. If they used LED lights, it would cost $89 per hour or $10,680 for the month.