ClarityLife Mobile Phones – simple enough your grandma can use it

James Allan Brady - Apr 1, 2008, 11:40am CDT

This phone is specifically designed for older people serving two purposes. First it literally is easy enough your grandma can use it as that’s who it’s for, second it also acts as an emergency response device phoning for help from emergency services when its needed.

On top of all that the text on screen is made to be really easy to read and the speaker can amplify the audio beyond what most other cell phones can for those that have deafened a bit over the years. There is a large display with prominent buttons, and the one touch emergency response button.

The emergency response button can be set up to call and/or text message up to 5 different people, one of them would hopefully be 911. This phone, should it pique your interest for a loved one, should be available late this summer, but they are taking pre-orders now.

[via Clarity Products]

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