Clarion NAX973HD – like Ford Sync for non-Fords

James Allan Brady - Feb 29, 2008

It has a 30GB HDD, a USB port, and a 400MHz just to start. It also has GPS built in so it can do navigation and get you where you are going.

There is an RDS-TMC tuner, 12-Channel GPS receiver, On-Board Gyroscope (so the map can automatically re-orientate itself when you turn) and Voice Recognition as well as Text-To-Speech for up to 6 European languages. No word whether you can get US maps or if its European only.

It doesn’t appear to have a screen built into it, so it looks like its on you for that, but Clarion has some pretty amazing solutions for that problem as well. One hurdle you’ll have to get over on your own though is the £795 price tag which converts to almost exactly twice that in USD.

[via UberGizmo]

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