Civilization 6 DLC: Poland culture bombs, Vikings conquer Europe

Civilization 6 is getting its first premium DLC today, and Poland is the star of the show. It seems that Civilization 6 will follow the same DLC structure as that of its predecessor, offering inexpensive civilization and scenario packs alongside more costly expansions. Poland is the first add-on civilization to the game, and it's bringing some potentially overpowered traits with it.

Poland, which is led by 14th-century ruler Jadwiga, has a unique ability that allows it to potentially steal territory from other players. More commonly known as a culture bomb, Jadwiga's encampments and forts will claim adjacent tiles when they're completed. Even if those tiles belong to other players, they become yours.

Assuming you pick good spots for your encampments and forts, you could theoretically shift the tide of a game with these culture bombs. It gets even more powerful though, because this unique ability – dubbed "Golden Liberty" – will make Poland's religion the majority religion in cities that have tiles stolen. With a few calculated encampments and forts, it sounds like things can really snowball for Poland.

Joining the Poland Civilization Pack is a second premium DLC that puts you in the shoes of one of three Viking leaders as you attempt to conquer Europe. You'll be able to play as Harald Hardrada of Norway, King Canute of the Danes, or Olof Skotkonung of Sweden in the 100-turn scenario. As an added bonus, this Vikings Scenario Pack adds six new city states and three new natural wonders to the game.

If premium DLC isn't really your cup of tea, you're not being left empty handed, as Firaxis has also delivered a fairly large winter update. This update adds a standard-sized Earth map to Civilization 6, along with a number of gameplay changes and bug fixes. More information on this patch can be found through the source link below, while the Poland and Vikings packs are available on Steam now for $4.99 each.