CityCab: Taxi Of The Future?

If a good deal of your life involves riding on taxis, such as if you live in NY or Helsinki, or if you yourself are a taxi driver, then this tidbit maybe of interest to you. The CityCab, a very cool concept car developed by Helsinki Polytechnic and University of Art and Design Helsinki, is currently the most advanced taxi cab in the world. Well, not that they have much competition in that category but they sure did their homework and designed one spiffy cab. The five-seater employs Toyota's hybrid powertrain technology and is designed for the utmost ease in entering and exiting the cab. Using an air suspension system, the cab floor can be lowered to a desired height during a stop, which makes for better wheelchair accessibility. The ultra light body is made of a carbon-fiber composite, which weighs 75% less than a standard steel body. The cab is still an R&D project, not scheduled for commercial release.

CityCab – creative rethink on Taxi Cab design [Via: Gizmag]