Cisco’s Android Cius slate gets sub-$1,000 price tag

Chris Davies - Oct 6, 2010, 5:30am CDT
Cisco’s Android Cius slate gets sub-$1,000 price tag

While manufacturers are clamoring – Samsung aside – to undercut Apple’s iPad with their own Android tablets, Cisco seems content to milk their enterprise customers for all they’re worth.  A developer FAQ for the Cisco Cius has leaked to CrunchGear, revealing that the company expects the 7-inch Android-based webconferencing slate to come in at under $1,000 when it arrives – in limited numbers – by the end of 2010.

As to why the Cius is roughly double the price of an iPad, Cisco is highlighting their enterprise integration and pointing out that the comparison isn’t really fair.  “Cius is not a consumer device so it’s not an equivalent comparison” the FAQ suggests, rather “Cisco Cius is the first-of-its- kind mobile collaboration device.”  It’ll run Android 2.2 and Cisco say they’ll be keeping up with Google’s updates, however system admins will be able to lock down Android Market access.

[via Android Community]

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