Cisco unveils Valet Hotspot for WiFi

My dad was 50 when he got his first computer. He must have called me 50 times when he was setting the thing up to tell me various parts wouldn't work or fit. He couldn't get online until I went to help him, turned out he had the Ethernet cable in the modem port. There are lots of people out there who need very simple devices that you can just plug in and they work.Cisco has a new wireless access point that promises to be one of these very easy to set up devices perfect for folks like my dad. The line is called Valet. Cisco promises that the Valet line makes setting up wireless networks at home easy for all users.

To set the wireless network up the user takes the products and plugs them in. The router comes with an Easy Set Up key that you plug into a USB port on the computer. The key sets the notebook up correctly for accessing the wireless network. The Easy Setup Key is then used to get any other machines in the home online as well. The Valet line has three models including the Valet router for small and medium homes at $99.99, Valet Plus router for larger homes at $149.99, and Valet Connector which is a wireless adapter for computers at $79.99.