Cisco drops Connect Cloud from default router settings

Cisco caused an uproar when it pushed out an update to certain Linksys routers that blocked local access to router settings, instead prompting users to sign up for the Cisco Connect Cloud service. Not only that, but the policy for the service stated that users had to agree to anti-porn and anti-piracy clauses. Now Cisco has taken to its blog to try and clarify the situation.

Cisco say that the default option for routers will be to use local browser settings instead of the Connect Cloud service. Not only that, but the company has simplified the opt-out process for the service and clarified that users don't need a Connect Cloud login to access their router settings. Cisco also clarified the privacy concerns, saying that it won't "arbitrarily disconnect customers from the internet," and that it doesn't collect or store personal information of any kind.

The only information that's sent back to Cisco is what's needed to signup and login for the Connect Cloud service. It looks like Cisco really wants to drive this point home, as it was a major point of contention for customers when the firmware update went live. Finally, the company confirms that firmware updates won't be pushed to routers if the automatic update setting is turned off.