Chumby connected devices resurface with app subscription in tow

Remember Chumby? The company made connected devices with wireless connectivity and touchscreen displays, able to function as an alarm clock or similar device where needed. The company fizzled away last year, but has resurfaced in recent times with hundreds of apps in tow.

Chumby's connected devices are interesting slates, each of them them fairly large with a strong plastic presence — some of them resemble tiny portable televisions from days gone by, with a small screen nestled in a large block-like body.

Each device has a touchscreen display and the ability to connect to WiFi, with a system that dishes up apps with different functions — you could use the device as an alarm clock or radio, for example.

Yesterday on the company's forum, it was announced that an acquisition took place via Blue Octy, and that resulting work has been done to build a new system for the connected displays. This new system brings back functionality to the Chumby devices, and provides optional access to all the apps for $3 per month.

VIA: Liliputing