Chucky goes to school in dramatic first trailer for Syfy's TV horror series

Syfy network has published the reveal trailer for its upcoming Chucky television show, one based on the classic horror doll with a tendency for stabbing people. Horror fans won't need to wait long to watch the series, which Syfy says will debut just ahead of Halloween this year. This time around, Chucky resurfaces to cause mayhem through a yard sale.

The new series, which is simply called Chucky, comes from creator Don Mancini. We first learned about Syfy and USA Network's plan to premiere the series on October 12 earlier this month, also getting our first teaser look at the show via an official poster. Now we have a trailer for the series, and it provides an except look at the show over three long minutes.

Per the trailer, this series will revolve around the main character Jake who clarifies at a yard sale that he is into retro, not vintage, items — and that includes the Chucky doll, which he purchases for a few bucks. The series teases the upcoming violence from the start, with the yard sale lady noting that someone had stolen the butcher knife from the set of knives she was selling.

Jake discovers Chucky's unique ability to talk without batteries early on, becoming quite attached to the doll. The character's tendency to bring Chucky with him to school increases bullying, leading up to a dramatic scene where Chucky takes center stage — literally — to threaten an entire stadium full of students.

Though the Chucky doll in the series looks a bit strange at times compared to the version from the classic series, the show ultimately looks like a high-quality faithful television adaptation of the popular series. Fans will be able to watch the first episode on October 12 at 10PM local time; it'll air on both Syfy and USA.